!Israel’s friendliest musical and social event, a unique bluegrass, folk, country, blues, Irish & World music extravaganza 


1.What shall I bring to the festival?
  • Blankets or low chairs to sit on
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Protection against mosquitoes
  • Hat, swimsuit, warm clothes for the evening
  • Plastic sandals for paddling in the lake, (especially for kids)
  • Musical Instruments
  • If you are camping: a colorful flag to help identify your tent and a folding gazebo for extra shade
  • A bag of games/toys to occupy the kids for when they are not juggling, swimming, watching a kids' show, listening to a story or doing handicrafts

2. Can I bring our gorgeous, quiet, fluffy, harmless, child-loving dog?

  • We are very sorry, but NO DOGS (or other animals) ARE ALLOWED!

3. Where can we BBQ?

  • Barbecues are allowed in the Northern Campsite only.

4. Where are the Campsites?

  • The Northern QUIET Campsite is on your left as you enter the festival site. Please keep quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors after 23:00.
  • The Southern QUIET Campsite is on your right. Please keep quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors after 23:00.
  • The Across-the-Bridge Campsite is over the Tsalmon Stream and is joined to the Southern campsite by a bridge. Suitable for the younger crowd.
  • Campers may put up tents in all the campsites fromThursday onwards .

5. How do I find out where all the stages are?

  • The staff at the Jacob's Ladder Table in the Lobby in the main building will be happy to help you.
    Also, ask for a festival map at the ticket booth when you arrive.

6. Where can I get a festival T-shirt?

  • At the Jacob's Ladder Table in the Lobby.

7. What food is available?

  • There's plenty of choice available at all hours, from sandwiches to full sit-down meals in the hotel, from vegetarian to meat meals.

8. How can I observe the Shabbat and Kashrut?

  • The food in the hotel is kosher, and can be ordered before the event.
  • There will be a Folk Style Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday at 18:00 by the Lawn Stage. Songs, prayers, and music to welcome the Shabbat. 
    All are invited. Bring musical instruments if you have them.
  • Candles may be lit afterwards in the Lobby.
  • Shabbat Observers are welcome to remain in the festival grounds till the Shabbat is over. Some festival patrons enjoy organizing a Havdalah service.

9. How does one become a Volunteer, and what do they do?

10. Can I put up my tent anywhere I want?

  • Tents can be put up in the assigned areas only. No tents are allowed in the Wood by the Main Stage, or on the Lawn adjoining the Lawn Stage. All the campsites are open from Thursday.  See Accommodation for more details.

11. Where can I find showers and toilets for campers?

  • Hot showers are available in the Northern campsite, and cold showers are available in the southern one. Toilets are in both campsites, in the Sports Hall, in the wood and in the Main building.

12. What is the Open Stage ?

  • It's a stage that welcomes anyone from the audience who wants to perform.
  • Each performer is allotted a maximum of 8 minutes, and no more than 2 songs.
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