Judy Antebi- The Band



Genre: Folk-Rock

As I Walk

Judy Antebi is an Indie-Folk singer songwriter based in Tel-Aviv. Her debut album "Chadarim" was released in 2012 and she is set to release her second album "As I walk" in April 2017 which is a compilation of both English and Hebrew songs.

Judy's songs honestly and openly portray her everyday life in an intimate way generating a homely sound through soft vocals and guitar melodies while also adding a rock feel. 

Judy performs with her Band,  where her music is skillfully wrapped by vocal layers, guitar loops and different sound effects that creates a unique and warm atmosphere for the audience.

ג'נר: אינדי פולק

Ofer Prion - Guitar
Hod Sarid - Drums
Maor Alush- Bass
Moran Meisels - Keyboards
Judy Antebi - Guitar + vocal