The Hollands! – Australia/USA




Genre: Americana/Folk Revival

General Bio: The Hollands! are a multinational family band with roots in Australia and the US. They are 21st-century troubadours and frolic in the Americana/Folk Revival scene. With four full-length albums under their belt, the Hollands! are seasoned performers, performing in over 20 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and SE Asia.

The Hollands! offer beautifully woven harmonies with core instrumentation of Guitar, Cajon, Mandolin, and Ukulele. The band’s personnel comprises Craig Holland (guitars), Jana Holland (vocals, mandolin, banjo), Graciana Holland (vocals, ukulele, piano) and youngest member Banjo Holland (cajon). Together, they are known for engaging audiences and rousing a sing-a-long with their intimate merrymaking. By the end of their performance, audiences will feel like they are part of the band. This is the experience and magic that happens when The Hollands! come to town.


Over Lands & Leas (Friday Evening) is a revival-style folk performance, giving narrative shape to the plight of the sojourner, through storms, blues skies, hard work and dreams of times gone by. Featuring songs like "Great Lake Plains, a rollicking bluegrass tune chronicling the history of US prohibition and the underworld in the 1920s. "The Amaryllis," a beautiful song of a mother and daughter, wrapped up in a story of the circle of life. "Over Lands & Leas," an old Scottish Folk tale sung with haunting remembrance of times gone by, as well as, the classic traditional, "Wayfaring Stranger."

The Last Dance  (Saturday Afternoon) is an exuberant and melodic performance offering ample opportunity to sing along. This performance features stories of lost love, life, death, family, and a longing for a sense of home. With songs like "Old Man's Town," based off of a poem by the infamous Banjo Patterson, a Welsh inspired lullaby, "All Through The Night,” a sweet nothing called "Yours Forever," influenced by the harmonies of The Andrews Sisters and finally, a traditional Celtic blessing. This performance is elegantly performed and arranged – eminently likable, indeed.

ג'נר: אמריקאנה/פולק רבייבל

ההולנדס! הם להקת משפחה רב-לאומית עם שורשים באוסטרליה ובארה"ב. הם טרובדורים מהמאה ה-21 ומפזזים בסצנת ה-"אמריקאנה/פולק רבייבל". עם ארבעה אלבומים באורך מלא מתחת לחגורה שלהם, ההולנדס! הם שחקנים מתובלים שהופיעו עד כה ביותר מ-20 מדינות, כולל ארה"ב, קנדה, אוסטרליה, אירופה, ואסיה.

ההולנדס! שרים בהרמוניה ומנגנים על גיטרה, קחון, מנדולינה ויוקולילי.

Official World Premier: The Last Dance:

Jana Holland - Vocals/Mandolin/Banjo
Craig Holland - Acoustic Guitar
Graciana Holland - Vocals, Ukulele, Keyboard
Banjo Holland - Cajon Drum