37 years ago, Jacob\'s Ladder Folk Club, Kibbutz Machanayim. We met once a month and we were all young and beautiful. Some of the artists were pre-army, some pre-religion, others were still with their first wives/husbands. The folk club was held in an ancient building opposite Machanayim, without electricity or amplification. We were socialists and pioneers, back to the earth, roots, folk music that we brought with us from abroad together with a few Israeli born who were strongly connected to British and American folk music and masses of volunteers from the Kibbutzim. See the young Shay Tochner, Sue Latner, Adam Mader etc.  

Sorry about the condition of the film and the distorted sound. We received it from Kibbutz  Machanayim Archives, and we thank Yigal Sela ("our resident singer") for sending us it.

סרטון שקבלנו מארכיון מחניים על מועדון סולם יעקב לפני 37 שנים הנערך כל חודש בבנין עתיק ללא חשמל וללא הגברה בקיבוץ מחניים. חתיכת היסטוריה. סליחה על איכות הסרט והסאונד, אבל שווה לראות את שי טוחנר ואדם מדר ומנחם וינגרד לפני 37 שנים.

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